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Awakening, Barmah, etched currently on show at Linden New Art



My paintings are like portals into the places I study, the energetic, lush sclerophyll bush of Mount Donna Buang’s Mountain Ash forests or the mysterious River red gums and Wetlands of the Barmah State Forest.

I love to go to nature and see it more and more as a living being- the source of all life. All nourishment and beauty come from the earth, sun and the ocean and I feel revitalised in it.

Painting landscapes transport me to places that are peaceful and sooth my soul. However the beauty of the painted image no longer seems to tell the full story. The natural environment is under threat from anthropogenic climate change and the treacherous conditions this has ushered into our times. Science is revealing that we have pushed the natural environment beyond breaking point, and natural disasters are increasing in occurrence and force, resulting in a world threatened by the rising temperature of our planet. 

This artwork conveys a subtle sense of the tension and destruction that has begun to grip our collective minds. By searing the landscape into natural materials such as wood with a laser, I am imitating that destructive force of heat that threatens our way of life. The irony of the burnt image of the natural scene, still smelling of smoke and flame, is an arresting reflection on the precarious state we find ourselves in. 

Fire and Brimstone !

Recently I have become concerned with the threats that anthropogenic climate change pose to the natural world. I have started digitizing  my landscape paintings and using a laser-cutter to burn these images into natural material such as wood. With piercing precision, smoke and flames, this machine adds a sense of  the destructive brutality that the climate poses to these once pristine environmental scenes. 

Painting processes

A step by step timelapse video showing some of the processes I have developed in my landscape paintings. Enjoy!

Beautiful music and painting combined

Musicians Steve Sedergreen and Michael Jordan connect and improvise to my painting of the Rockpools and Ocean waves at Powlett River near Kilcunda. I edited this video to capture the result, totally unrehearsed and unscripted music that fuses seamlessly with the colours and details of the painting. It is an invigorating collaboration with beautiful results.

If you enjoy it you can see more painting/music at https://vimeo.com/248539472

Image transfer magic!

This timelapse shows some of the processes that I have developed to make these limited edition transfers at an archival  quality to be able to put on display without requiring mounting behind glass.

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